Is Your A/C Freezing? Well Here is Why

When you’re A/C unit freezes up in the summer it can be more than an inconvenience, it can be a pain. On those hot and humid days, the last thing that you want is you’re A/C freezing up. However, did you know that a freezing up A/C can result in bigger problems that can cost you hundreds (or even thousands) to repair? Yet, you can avoid such problems by calling an HVAC professional like Third Generation Heating & Air Conditioning. Call us now at (951) 304-1333 to get you’re a/C back in running shape!

What Is Going On?

You may wonder how in the world can an air conditioner freeze up when it is working around the clock because it is 100 degrees outside? There are two causes that are much more common than others. Freezing up air conditioner units are a common problem, so be proactive to try to prevent the problem from effecting you and your household.

The Main Causes of Frozen A/C Units

The leading cause for this problem is blocked air flow. If your home’s air flow becomes restricted, no air will flow through the A/C system to keep things flowing and to prevent the condensation that is setting on the coil from freezing.
One reason that the air flow is obstructed is a dirty air filter. Start the warmer season off right by changing your air filter and getting an A/C tuneup.
The second leading cause of an A/C unit freezing up is refrigerant leaks. Regardless of whether your unit is looking Freon or coolant, it is time for you to make a decision. Depending on the age of your current A/C, it may be wiser to buy a new system rather than invest in costly repairs.
Before the HVAC repairmen get too busy for the season, call them and schedule a tuneup and inspection of your A/C unit. You will be starting the season off right and avoid having problems during the blistering heat. Third Generation HVAC offers fast and reliable A/C tuneups, repairs and other scheduled maintenance through San Diego County.