Home HVAC Inspections

Most homeowners have a fix-and-forget attitude toward their heating and air conditioning system.  That’s not such a good idea, as anyone who has neglected to maintain their car can tell you.  Smart business owners and property managers know that annual HVAC inspections (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) avoid disruptions and save money in the long run.

HVAC Inspection Benefits

Modern higher performance means added complexity.  Today’s heating & air conditioning systems are a far cry from a simple burner, compressor, and blower.  HVAC inspections are an important part of keeping them running properly, and annual attention is highly recommended by manufacturers for hassle-free operation.  Heating system inspections and furnace maintenance are also important in maintaining the safety of your home.

For Homeowners

Inspections keep your heating and air conditioning at their best, avoiding frustration and preventing many repairs.  Here are the 3 key benefits.

  • Greater reliability, avoiding the inconvenience of surprise breakdowns.  It’s not a coincidence that A/C seems to break down when you need it most.  That’s because it’s working its hardest and under the most strain during those times.
  • Fewer major repairs and longer equipment lifetimes.
  • Higher performance means lower energy bills yet greater comfort.

Did You Know?  Air conditioning and heating often make up more than half of home energy bills in the United States.

For Buyers and Sellers

Standard home inspections and free services provide only a superficial look.  Combining central heating and air conditioning expertise, HVAC contractors such as Third Gen have the knowledge, experience, and tools for a thorough inspection.  Identifying all problems and shortcomings let buyers negotiate away the costs of correcting those issues.  And sellers have documentation that everything’s in good order and ready for a move-in.

What We Do

Manufacturers design their equipment with the assumption of annual maintenance, and we structure our inspections around those expectations.  The older a system is the more important inspections are, and the more frequently they should be done.  And for newer equipment, a detailed check just might turn up something while it’s still under warranty.

Terms such as “inspection,” “tune-up,” “check-up,” and “preventive maintenance” don’t have any hard-and-fast definitions, so take the time to understand exactly what’s done when you’re getting a specific price quote.  Our inspections are thorough and include some maintenance items, but not items such as the manufacturer’s recommended replacements and major operations.  Depending on the details of your furnace and air conditioning system our 24-point inspections cover the following areas.

  • Visual inspection and assessment of the overall condition
    • wear and tear
    • corrosion
    • lubrication
    • safety interlocks
    • investigate noises
  • Heating System
    • heat exchangers
    • burner and ignition
    • draft and venting
  • Air conditioning system
    • refrigerant pressure
    • defrosting operation
    • condenser and evaporator coils
    • condenser drainage
    • compressor operation
  • Blower and air ducts
    • air filters
    • air flow
    • distribution balance
    • ductwork dust
    • air leaks
  • Electrical
    • measure voltages and amperages
    • check connections
    • calibrate thermostat

Third Gen HVAC

Family owned and operated for three generation, we’ve been involved in the industry for over 60 years.  Our company is a fully licensed and insured full-service HVAC contractor for residential and commercial buildings.  For emergencies, our well-stocked fleet of trucks is radio dispatched 24/7, and we don’t have added overtime or weekend charges.

Schedule your HVAC inspection ahead of time to beat the fall and spring rush, and we’ll call and remind you when we’ll be visiting.  We’re ready to fix any problems while we’re there to save you a service call.