Quiet Cool Whole House Fans

Third Generation HVAC is An Authorized QuietCool Dealer

quietcool-authorized-dealerHow would you like to enjoy a cooler home without having to run your air condition? Thousands of households are doing so every day with QuietCool systems. QuietCool can help you to reduce your electrical billing all while enjoying a cooler and healthier home. We are the authorized quiet cool dealer serving all Temecula Valley and Riverside County.
During the 1950’s, many residential homes had whole house fans. However, when air conditioning systems became more affordable and popular, the concept of a whole house fan became obsolete. Additionally, traditional whole house fans generated a lot of noise compared to air conditioners. QuietCool systems are vastly improved whole house fans that incorporate technological advancements and is designed for nearly silent activity.

How Do QuietCool Whole House Fans Work?

In hotter times of the year, your whole home absorbs heat. The walls, floor, ceiling, and other structural parts absorb and retain heat. Even when an air condition cycles on, it’s primary function is simply to cool the air in your home—not the structure.
A QuietCool whole house fan is more effective because it ventilates and exhausts your home during the cooler parts of the day. This dual strategy decreases your home’s internal air temperature and its structural heat retention. As cooler air is pulled into your home a breeze effect occurs. This breeze creates a wind chill factor making the internal quality of your home very comfortable. The breeze also serves to exhaust hotter, stale air from your attic. As the QuietCool system runs, you entire home’s structure is cooled because heat is exhausted more effectively.

Cleaner Home Air

QuietCool completely exchanges the air in your hour 15 to 20 times every hour. These full home air exchanges remove odors, pet dander, stale air, smoke, airborne germs and other pollutants. Running a QuietCool system is like inviting a constant refreshing breeze into your home.

Huge Savings

Operating an air condition is expensive, especially if it is ran constantly throughout the day. Conversely, The QuietCool system costs only pennies to operate per hour and can eliminate high energy cooling bills by 50 to 90 percent. Since QuietCool systems reduces your air conditioning usage, you can avoid the frequency of air conditioning repair.

If you are interested in a QuietCool system installation, Third Generation HVAC is here to help. We also look for ways to get rebates for our customers. We are a full service air conditioning contractor providing commercial air conditioning repair, general AC service, and can help you with HERO financing.