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With Three Generations of experience in Air Conditioning repair, service and installation Third Generation Heating and Air is the company to trust. We provide 24/7 service to all Riverside County. Our uniformed and highly trained technicians with fully equipped trucks can handle all commercial and residential air conditioning repairs and installations in a timely manner.

Having the right air conditioning system in your home can greatly improve your quality of life. When you’re trying to pick one out, however, you’ll have a lot of variables to take into account. Since this isn’t something you do every day, the process can become a bit overwhelming.

That’s why you should come to the pros at Third Generation Heating & Air Conditioning for some expert advice on the system that best matches your home and your budget. Our technicians have the experience and knowledge to repair and install all types of air conditioning systems. They can help you sort through all of the options to find the one best suited to your needs.

Our Air Conditioning Services Include

  • Installation and repair of air conditioning systems big and small
  • Multi-climate zone systems
  • Energy saving high efficiency air conditioning models
  • Residential maintenance
  • Commercial maintenance
  • Rooftop Installations
  • Smart home installs

Types of Air Conditioning Systems

The first thing you’ll have to consider as you set out to find your new air conditioning system is what type you need. Air conditioners actually fall into one of several different categories, and it’s important to understand the differences between them before you make a decision.

The size of your home and your expected usage will have a lot to do with which type of system is right for you. For instance, split systems are ideal for smaller homes or for cooling just a couple of rooms. Of course, they come in a variety of sizes as well, including mini-splits which are appropriate if you only have one room that isn’t being serviced by a larger system.

Ductless Split Air Conditioners

Split systems include an outdoor compressor and indoor units that are connected only by a refrigerant line rather than the ducts that other types of air conditioning systems require. This makes installation easier and less invasive overall, while still giving you the indoor comfort you need.

Packaged Air Conditioning Units

If you need to cool a somewhat larger space, though, you’ll probably want to go with a packaged air conditioning system. These also include an outdoor system linked up to individual vents placed in various rooms throughout the house. However, the indoor and outdoor units are linked by a series of ducts rather than just a refrigerant line.

Central Air Conditioning Systems

These types of systems are ideal for larger houses, particularly if the ductwork is already in place. However, if you have an even larger space to keep cool, you’ll probably have to go with a central air conditioning system.

These are similar to packaged systems, but they’re quite a bit more powerful. Central air conditioning systems are usually used to cool commercial spaces like malls and movie theaters, as well as larger structures like apartment buildings, office buildings, and hospitals.

Complete Air Conditioning Service

When you choose Third Generation for all of your air conditioning needs, you can be sure you’re getting the best in the business. We can install, repair and maintain all types of air conditioning systems. And we’ll be happy to carry out maintenance and repairs on any system, even if we didn’t install it ourselves.

Our technicians are fully trained and have extensive experience working with all manner of air conditioners in California. Their knowledge will also be invaluable to you as you try to determine what type of air conditioning system is right for you.

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