A/C’s High SEER: 4 Factors that affect efficiency

Californians understand that an acquiring an A/C with a high SEER is good for the environment and their energy savings. Consequently, several residents and companies are making good use of the Hero Financing program that helps them to afford high quality HVAC systems. However, operating an A/C with a high SEER rating doesn’t guarantee lower bills. Other factors affect the effectiveness of an A/C unit’s SEER rating. Take look at 4 factors that you should know when an air conditioning contractor installs and performs A/C service to your HVAC system. Third Generation considers these areas for every general air conditioning repair or commercial air conditioning repair service.


Air conditioning units require proper airflow so that the evaporator can function correctly. Good airflow allow you to adjust the temperature as desired. Conversely, when airflow is hindered even the best A/C units must overcompensate to maintain temperature. Common causes of airflow are blocked grille openings, in congruent air handlers, pinched ducts.

Tight Ducts

Ducts must be sealed to prevent contaminants from entering an A/C’s circulatory system. When contaminants are introduced it becomes harder for the system to prevent temperature fluctuations. Faulty ducts can easily contribute to substantial overuse of your A/C system.

Refrigerant Charge

Charging the refrigerant correctly is essential to every A/C unit. IF the charge is performed incorrectly, the SEER rating of the A/C will drop immensely. Getting an untrained individual to charge your A/C could cost you monthly until it is fixed.


Size matters when it comes to A/Cs. It is always best to find the right size for your needs. It is commonly held that you can never get an A/C that is too big. This is far from true. An oversized unit is expensive to operate. However, a unit that is too small for your home or business will increase cost because it will need to run longer. A good contractor will help you to determine what size unit will help you to decrease cost.