Benefiting From Whole House Fans

It used to be that only summers in Temecula Valley presented exasperatingly hot days.  Now spring is beginning to see hotter days than normal.  If you want to keep your Californian home cool during hot spells, the cost could be staggering. Then, what is the possible solution to beat the heat in an economical manner? The answer is whole house fan.  In our experience at Third Generation HVAC, we have personally seen the results of whole house fans in our customers’ homes throughout Temecula Valley.  Our team has installed Quiet Cool Who house Fans in Temecula, Fallbrook, Menifee, Hemet, Lake Elsinore, and Riverside.

What is a whole house fan?

Quiet Cool Whole House Fans pull warm air from the house so and exhausts it out of the roof. At the same time, the fan pulls cold air from the outside and pushes that into the house. This leads to cooler interiors.

These tend to work best in the morning and evening when the outside air is likely to be cooler. When it is used properly, a whole house fan can significantly reduce the amount of time you need to run an AC system. Also, these fans can improve the indoor air quality of your home since fresh air is circulated.

Choose the best whole house fan

At Third Gen HVAC, we offer the best installation service and maintenance of a wide range of different house fans. It is possible to install a whole house fan as a do-it-yourself project. However, should you need any help with installation or repair, we are more than willing to handle the job.

Professional installers that work in our team are well-equipped with the knowledge to quickly set the house fan up.  Further, does not need the assistance of a carpenter to make any adjustments.  Quiet Cool Whole House Fans create little noise making them a smarter choice for all those who are looking for a cheaper approach to beating the heat.

Ready to save money this Spring and Summer?  Give us a call.  Third Generation HVAC is a family owned, full-service heating and air conditioning contractor. (951) 304-1333