Saving Money with Smart Thermostats

Over sixty years ago, the idea of adjusting the temperature in one’s home was novel and the essence of comfort. Adjustable dials were installed which regulated the temperature of the heating or cooling system. Back then people were primarily concerned with comfort. Now people are more concerned about the costs.

Enter the age of the smart thermostat.

The idea behind the smart thermostat actually comes from the black sheep of the thermostat family—the programmable one. Programmable thermostats are supposed to streamline energy usage so that owners can save money. However, if you have ever dealt with a programmable thermostat, you most likely have felt the frustration of setting one up. Smart thermostats take away all of the headaches that their predecessors created by learning your behavior, displaying real-time energy consumption, and self-adjusting themselves.

Learning Your Behavior

The latest smart thermostats can analyze thousands of data points that enable them to making intelligent calculations that conform to your behavior. As you go through your normal day, the smart thermostat will record how you use your heating/cooling and derive the most economically comfortable way for you to save money.

Displaying Real-Time Consumption

Seeing is believing—and just as peeking at your bank account can change buying decisions so can seeing your real-time energy consumption. Smart devices can link with computers, tablets, and cell phones to show you exactly how you are using your energy. Armed with this info, you will be in a better position to contrive ways to save energy and ultimately lower your billing.

Self-Adjusting Thermostats

Instead of wasting hours upon hours trying to fine tune your thermostat manually, smart ones self-adjust. If you are not home, they can shut off. Some can even read signals from your cell phone several miles away and turn on as you approach your home.

If set up correctly, smart thermostats can rack up significant savings and even prolong the life of your HVAC system. When you combine this with an energy audit and other energy saving measures, you can increase your home’s comfort and efficiency.
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