Time To Tune-up Your Furnace

Are you located in Temecula, Fallbrook, Hemet, Lake Elsinore, Menifee, or Riverside?  Then you’ve probably noticed the temperatures dropping in the evening.  Winter is coming and now is a prime time to get your furnace tune-up done. While you may consider your furnace to be faithful, it isn’t going to continue treating you right without regular maintenance services. Just like your vehicle needs routine oil changes, your furnace needs a regular inspection, thorough cleaning, and the proper adjustments once every year.

Preventing Problems

Probably the best reason to get your furnace checked out is because you are getting a trained HVAC technician to look at your unit. He can find small problems and fix them before they worsen. There are numerous early warning signs that only the trained eye will notice, so you need to catch them early. Many of these problems aren’t noises, poor performance, or odors that you as the homeowner would notice. Make sure your tune-up includes a multi-point inspection.

Clean, Clean, Clean!

We all know that dust particles are everywhere, and that also means in your furnace. If you let dust build up in there significantly, you can be impacting the efficiency and effectiveness of your heating elements. It can even cause problems that require parts replacement. As your HVAC technician does the tune-up, he will clean the unit as he goes to make sure your furnace will have a clean start before cold weather sets in.

Safety Check

Although it is very rare, furnaces can develop problems that can cause danger to those in residences. Most commonly, those problems are fire hazards and carbon monoxide leaks. Both these can result in loss of life. Luckily, both these problems start as small issues that can be discovered easily by a technician during a tune-up. Even if your furnace seems to be operating great and you believe you can make it through another winter without maintenance services, you should have it checked out just to make sure it is safe.

The Permanent Record

After your technician has finished the tune-up and inspection, he should give you a full report about the performance of your furnace, its condition, and your long-term needs for maintenance. This written record for each year will help you monitor your furnace throughout time so you can make decisions that are based on the information. This way you will know when to upgrade to a newer furnace. These records are also great if you decide to sell your home.

Colder weather is coming upon us fast. Make the call to Third Generation Heating and Air Conditioning at (951) 304-1333 to schedule your furnace’s tune-up and inspection. We offer fast, friendly services.