Summer Tips To Keep Your Home Cool

Southern California is known for mild summer weather.  However, there are some dog hot summer days that quickly make the air conditioner our best friend.  If you have a two or three story house, you should know that heat rises so keeping the upstairs cool is a challenge.  Third Generation HVAC services air conditioners throughout Temecula Valley.  Here are few tips to help you when you are trying to balance out your cooling needs.

Quick Tips For A Cooler Temecula Valley Summer

  • Check your windows for leaks.
  • If you have single pane glass you might, consider using coating systems available at your local hardware store to help keep the cold in.
  • If you chose not to apply window coating, keep your drapes and shades drawn to block direct sunlight.
  • Your ability to keep the upstairs cool means managing the heat in your attic.
  • Your attic needs to have proper insulation so your soffit vents should be clear so that the airflow allows the excess heat from your attic to escape.
  • Try using ridge vents since they create a better airflow.

Creating Airflow

Keeping the upstairs cool means you need to make sure your system is running at full capacity. Therefore, make sure that you have clean filters and check for ductwork obstructions.  While on obstructions, be sure that any furniture is not blocking your registers. Use your registers appropriately as well.  Adjust your registers by closing the downstairs registers and opening the upstairs to move the airflow upwards. Ceiling fans are an excellent way to circulate the cold air in the room and move it from the floor upwards.  If you don’t have a ceiling fan, use floor fans to get the air moving. Keep your outdoor unit clean of leaves and dirt.

Do you need help to get you home cool this summer without breaking the bank?  Call us. Third Generation HVAC is a full HVAC service provider. (951) 304-1333.


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